For 25 years now, production locations have profited from MES excellence and performance.

We provide you with flexible support in all tasks relating to production systems. From production engineering and infrastructure to digitisation, our contribution secures your success.

Comprehensive engineering of special machinery for the plastics, packaging and textile industry

MES offers special machine construction with comprehensive Engineering- and Service. We cooperate with you to develop solutions for your thermal processes during the manufacture of yarn and fabric web products based on convective and infrared drying and heating.

Installation of industrial systems, machine safety, electrical and automation engineering + Industry 4.0

Further core competences include the installation of industrial systems, machine safety and both electrical and automation engineering. With regard to Industry 4.0, we integrate the latest information technologies to enhance production and quality. Through our comprehensive solution portfolio, we assume complete responsibility for engineering, deadlines and quality – at fixed prices.

Our philosophy

comprehensive engineering

Infrarot Linienstrahler

Increase production speed and achieve best results!

Innovative technical concepts will provide optimum and efficient solutions to your thermal tasks

Infrared Drying


Efficient: One-stop provision of all interfaces!

All modernisation solutions, from in-house control cabinet construction and drive technology to the upgrading of PLC systems.

Electrical Engineering + Automation

Trocknungsanlagen Bahnen Gewebe

Coating, application, dipping, rolling, immersion and drying

of yarns, threads, films and webs – customised, and also on a small scale as pilot installations!

Plants + Components


On-time production start at a fixed price

Comprehensive planning, engineering and construction of product systems, all plant components and auxiliary systems

Production Line Setup


Protect your employees and machinery!

Production-specific solutions with service and warranty in connection with process experience.


Industrie 4-0

Intelligent systems for intelligent products

Data becomes intelligence – Digitisation for continually growing customer demands and full exploitation of system potential

Industry 4.0

Thomas Steinwachs, Head of Service

Thomas Steinwachs
Head of Service

Do you manufacture yarn or fabric web products, and are you looking for a completely integrated partner for the construction of special machinery?

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