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About the Company

Our Philosophy on Good Service

We regard our collaboration with you, our customer, as something special and valuable.

For this reason, we understand service and supply to mean not only full execution of the contract but, more significantly, providing flexible support in all tasks extending beyond the project assignment, in order to guarantee your success with the project and the achievement of your company target.

Our highly-qualified personnel work to ensure your satisfaction.

Commitment to service, awareness of responsibilities and continual training of our employees ensure that you receive the desired service, punctuality and quality – regardless of the scope of the order.

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MES GmbH (MES) is a subsidiary of Mehler AG, a company rich in tradition. The latter was founded in 1837 and is today a major European group of companies specializing in technical products for the textile, plastics, rubber, paper and packaging industries. Both Mehler AG and MES share a common commitment to serve these industries. Following its formation in 1994, MES performed 90% of its activities for the MEHLER Group in Fulda until 2001. Today MES performs 80% of its activities for external companies located all over the world.

MES Industrial Infrared Dryers
MES Industrial Infrared Dryers in a Production Line
MES mechanic
MES mechanic
Factory premises of MEHLER AG
Location of MES GmbH in Fulda (Germany)

Our Philosophy on Business

Fully-Integrated Expertise

Fully-integrated expertise is put into practice by us on a daily basis. As your supplier, we provide you with a comprehensive range of services from a single source: from consultation and planning to manufacture and installation, from mechanical, electrical and automation engineering to process engineering.

For Us, Additional Skills are Standard

On account of personal schooling and advanced training, all of our employees – from mechanic to graduate engineer, foreman to technician – possess additional skills in the area of operation, safety and environment, in planning, manufacture and installation, and in project development and execution. This is because ever-increasingly complex projects rely more and more on interdisciplinary expertise – our team is fully prepared here.

Care and Foresight for each Project

Our qualified teams process your projects with the greatest care and the highest quality standards, while complying with the accident prevention, health and environmental regulations. Damage or accidents can still occur, however. We implement precautionary measures for the project and the project area, with comprehensive liability policies providing cover for possible damage during planning, installation or work in progress.

Responsibility and Guarantee

We assume full responsibility for deadlines and quality during all phases of your order, and guarantee correct functioning and performance.

We Offer Fixed Prices

Our fixed prices are determined by detailed, engineering-based project planning and pricing during the quotation phase. This provides you maximum security for complete delivery and service.