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Drive Technology from MES – Modern, Energy Efficient Drive Concepts

“MES stands for modern electronic drive concepts, which satisfy both the requirements for production and the ones for energy efficiency.”

Mechatronic machine concepts offer:

  • Higher flexibility in machine design
  • Consistent product quality
  • Significant increase in cycle times
  • Reduced change-over times
  • Reduced wear and less maintenance required

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machine automation using multi-technologies
MES drive technology: machine automation using multi-technologies – automation solution in the packaging industry

New design, expansion, conversion, modernization of drive technology

MES fully integrates and/or modernizes the drive technology of production systems in conjunction with the control technology:

  • We are able to deliver innovative and extremely economical solutions by utilizing our expertise acquired in the areas of process engineering, plant engineering and electric and automation technology.
  • We provide engineering and service features for production systems in the plastics manufacturing, textile and paper industrial sectors.

Project example: Modernization of control system and drive technology of an extrusion coating line (year of manufacture: 1980)

System Component 1980
Used PLC Siemens S5 Siemens S7
Process visualization program None InTouch or WinCC flexibel
Drive control Analog technology Digital via field bus
Drive technology DC drive Frequency-controlled, three-phase AC motor
Extruder controller DOS computer PLC and process visualization
Malfunction message PLC, group signal Process visualization via PLC, detailed plain text messages
Pneumatics Custom-made models Standard operating equipment

MES has modernized the system onsite in a matter of three weeks. It took 18 weeks to complete the project if you include the engineering and manufacturing services.

Widget Switchgear Construction

Switchgear Construction

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Application Areas

Drive technology for tool machines of different technologies:

  • Handling/Assembly
  • Gear machining
  • Laser applications
  • Punching
  • Turning
  • Grinding
  • Milling

Drive technologies for manufacturing machines in these industries

  • General machine construction
  • Packaging industry
  • Forming
  • Plastics industry
  • Woodworking industry
  • Printing industry
  • Textile industry


  • Three-phase drives rather than DC drives
  • Frequency converters rather than valves and restrictors
  • Drive technology with energetic recovery systems
  • Application of new controller algorithms
  • Utilization of new energy efficient motors
MES drive technology of an extrusion coating line
MES drive technology of an extrusion coating line

Technical data: Energy loss comparison between classical and modern drive concepts

Energy loss when pumping fluids
Energy loss when pumping fluids A) Classical: without frequency converter - B) Modern: with frequency converter
bottle conveyer - loss of energy
Loss of energy at a bottle conveyer with A) Electric motor, Worm gear, Chains- B) Energy efficient motor, Spur gear, Belts
Carsten Geigengack, Head of Automatization/Digitalization
Carsten Geigengack
Head of Automatization/Digitalization

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