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Transparent Machine Safety Engineering - economically implemented

The requirements towards end products become continuously higher, and these requirements are being realised in production plants with continuously increasing performance features.

Advanced safety components keep up with the development and simultaneously fulfil safety standard and safety functions. This way, the overall system remains transparent and manageable.

Frequency converters are, for example, drive solution and safety component at the same time. Frequency converters react to the shut-off signals and stop the machine.

All of the applications will simultaneously stop as early a milliseconds after receiving the emergency signal. This way, you will achieve a maximum of safety.

Lockout-Tagout (LOTO)

Lockout-Tagout (LOTO)

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Safety components can be defined on the basis of risk analyses, can be integrated into the plant with a calculable expenditure and will reliably fulfil their function.

This is an example for the safety engineering of a compact machine:


Safety components

Recording and sending of stop signal Emergency-Stop button
Send shutdown signal Safety switchgear
Immediate shutdown Contactor
Display of interrupted operation Signal column

All of the safety components named are system components working reliably and easy to integrate.

Safety for fault elimination, maintenance and set-up works

The safety system will only enable the position switch in the protective door after the standstill of all movements. The door to the machine components can now be opened up and the hazard area may be entered.

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Jürgen Kalb, Team Leader Machine Safety / Electrical Engineering
Jürgen Kalb
Team Leader Machine Safety / Electrical Engineering
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Emergency-Stop Systems

Emergency-Stop Systems

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Machine Safety Engineering: Protective door
MES Machine Safety Engineering: Protective door only opens up after a complete standstill of the plant
Machine Safety Engineering: Emergency-Stop and safety light barrier
MES Machine Safety Engineering: Emergency-Stop and safety light barrier fulfilling the current safety standards

Do you produce panels or yarns/threads? In this case, we very well know your plants and your production processes!

You intend to produce cost-effectively and you want to achieve your production targets with a low level of expenditure fulfilling the safety standards.

MES offers plant safety engineering within the scope of a fully integrated service portfolio, from the machine and plant engineering via electrical and automation engineering up to installation and service.

We work for manufacturers of panel and yarn products, in particular for the plastics-, textile-, packaging- and paper industry. We have been engaged in the assistance of these industrial sectors for decades now and we are familiar in detail with the critical success factors.

Our experience will reduce your costs for machine safety engineering

Using such a comprehensive know-how, MES etatec® will assist you at each stage in a particularly efficient way to easily and quickly fulfil the safety standards of a machine or plant.

  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Acceptance
  • Service

This will mainly refer to the conformity with the Machinery Directive through the application of the standards EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061. This includes:

  • CE label
  • Risk assessment
    • We also assume individual tasks, such as the PL verification (Risk Analysis).
Jürgen Kalb,
Team Leader Machine Safety / Electrical Engineering
Jürgen Kalb
Team Leader Machine Safety / Electrical Engineering

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