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Customized Continuous Flow Dryers with Drying Ducts for Yarns and Threads

Design and dimensioning specifications for continuous flow dryers for yarns and threads are subject to special criteria such as, e.g.:

The individual filaments are positioned close to one another and indicate a specified slag. This influences the flow of air in the drying duct. Cavities will be formed between the spaces of the filaments, which likewise will be filled with coating media. This results in different solvent diffusion rates.

MES accounts for a variety of criteria like this in the design of continuous flow dryers for yarns and threads to customer specifications e.g. with respect to the annual production goal.

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Thomas Steinwachs, Head of Service
Thomas Steinwachs
Head of Service
+49 (661) 103-626
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continuous flow dryer for yarns
MES continuous flow dryer for yarns
continuous flow dryer, tiered design
MES continuous flow dryer, tiered design with two separate temperature zones and drying ducts with transverse ventilation

Continuous Flow Dryer with Transverse Airflow to Threadsheet

  • Hot airflow in transverse direction to threadline
  • Higher heat transfer rates due to high inflow velocityTurbulent flow
  • The airflow carries the thread – low thread tension is possible
  • Solvent loads can only be controlled if built in segments; otherwise, time-consuming start-up and adjustment procedures for taking measurements

Textile industry:

  • Drying of thread and yarn coatings

MES Filament Thread Dryer

In the summer of 2011, MES GmbH has started up the operation of two drying plants for the drying of filament threads specifically developed for customer requirements for the drying process of functionalized filament threads.

The dryers projected for the use of solvents are operated with an indirect gas heating in a safe and economic way. A particular compactness has been achieved through nine passages in the dryer room.

Sliding doors have been installed for the access to the internal deflecting rollers in the area of the thread inlet and outlet for a fast and effective set-up of the dryer.

  • Explosion-protection design
  • Horizontal thread passage
  • Vertical cross-flow air guiding with air nozzles
  • Large circulation air volume flows for an effective drying process
  • Easy-operation high-temperature bearing with dry lubricating agent maintenance-free
  • Control system with tough panel and 5 graphics for an intuitive operation
  • Safety-directed control: Performance level "d"
Thomas Steinwachs, Head of Service

Thomas Steinwachs
Head of Service

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