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Control Technology from MES – Performance Improvement and Cost Reduction

The reasons for modernization or extension measures of your production system include the improvement of your company’s competitiveness and its profitability. You would like to be able to adapt to market requirements more easily and manufacture high-quality products cost-effectively. In order to ensure that your investment in cutting-edge control technology yields optimum results, in addition to automation technology MES also takes into consideration:

  • Process technology
  • System technology
  • Auxiliary systems

MES possesses the expertise to employ this integral approach, so as to bring about cohesive solutions that lead to significant improvements in performance and reduce costs.

Control technology from MES is focused on full automation of the entire production system. It is important that automation components are compatible: Control technology and drive technology components are typically upgraded and/or integrated at the same time. The existing components may be replaced or extended with new components in the process.

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Touch panel solutions for production plants

Project example: Modernization of control and drive technology systems of a mercerizing and washing line with 22 drives

MES upgraded a mercerizing and washing line built in 1980 within four weeks:

  • The DC technology was replaced with 22 AC standard motors with frequency converters
  • 21 high-resolution, absolute encoder units register the positions of the dancers and relay the signals via Profibus
  • Siemens S7-300 PLC with ET200 peripheral unit
  • 2 Siemens MP370 touch panels with visualization and malfunction messaging system in PROTOOL
  • Video monitoring of the system input and output areas
  • Remote servicing and remote diagnostics
  • Complete retrofitting service including supply system, control cabinets, cable ducts and cabling

Results of the control and drive technology modernization measure:

Increased productivity due to:

  • Restoration of all system functions
  • Complete system overview at all operator stations

Reduced downtimes due to:

  • Low-maintenance drive technology
  • New automation components
  • Malfunction messaging system and remote servicing

Control technology for production systems in the:

  • Textile industry
  • Plastics industry
  • Paper industry
  • Packaging industry

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Carsten Geigengack, Head of Automatization/Digitalization
Carsten Geigengack
Head of Automatization/Digitalization

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