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Set up of plant infrastructure - Your chance to optimize costs and quality

The infrastructure of your production plants is a continuous challenge for you as a plant manager or operations manager. On the other hand, the infrastructures provides an inexhaustable field for an optimization of production costs and product quality.

In other words: Equipment, quality and dimensioning (as much as necessary, as effective as necessary) of the overall infrastructure are important factors for a competitive and profitable production.

The infrastructure, but in particular the operating equipment, has a strong indirect impact on:

  • The overall production costs
  • The availability ratio of the production plants
  • The performance ratio of the production plants
  • The quality degree of the production plants

The following events, for example, may have an impetus on setting up the infrastructure:

  • Production extension due to expansion
  • New production building
  • Removal of production to another location
  • Cost optimization
  • Modernization of plant

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Thomas Steinwachs, Head of Service
Thomas Steinwachs
Head of Service
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Comprehensive performance package: Planning of plant and plant structure, infrastructure planning and set-up of infrastructure

An optimum production line set up also covers the optimum infrastructure and operating equipment. MES master® is specialized in industrial and installation services on a worldwide scale – for varnishing, lamination, printing and finishing machinery in plastics-, packaging- and textile industry.

As a comprehensive service provider, MES master® also offers the planning of infrastructure . The planning targets are optimum investment costs and low operating costs. When employing infrastructure planning and infrastructure set-up out of one source, you will achieve these objectives to an even larger extent.

MES is your contact partner for the set-up of plant infrastructure

  • Traffic areas, parking areas
  • Storage areas for raw materials, finished products
  • Disposal areas for waste
  • Waste water ducts, waste water processing areas
  • Exhaust air treatment systems
  • Utilities (water, gas, power)
  • Silo facilities
  • Transformer facilities
  • Hot water boiler, steam boiler, steam network, thermal oil network, hot water network
  • Compressed air systems / Compressed air processing / Distribution
  • Air conditioning- / Ventilation systems
  • Power distribution
  • Water treatment plants
    • Cooling water, VE water, storage, distribution etc.
  • Air conditioning
  • Storage and processing of operating materials / raw materials
  • Material flow from raw material to finished product
    • Transporting systems
    • Cranes, forklifts
  • Fire protection systems
  • Information and communication systems
  • Laboratory
  • Workshops
  • Spare parts warehouse
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Social facilities
  • Administration, offices
  • Archive
  • EDP
  • Gasoline stations, charging stations
  • Building, general

Set-up of infrastructure – typical services offered by MES

  • Pipeline installation
  • Electrical switchboard installation
  • Measuring engineering installation
  • Wiring
  • Connection of switch cabinets
  • Connection of supply systems
  • Connection of exhaust air systems
Thomas Steinwachs, Head of Service

Thomas Steinwachs
Head of Service

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