MES thermsol® – Customized Infrared Drying Technology Achieves Best Results and Highest Efficiency

As an engineering and service provider, MES offers comprehensive customer- and branch-specific system competency with process expertise in the area of IR drying technology.

MES infrared drying system solutions in the form of line radiators, area radiators or customized infrared dryers offer advantages in three areas: they boost the production output, reduce energy costs, and achieve a premium surface finish.

MES thermsol® - Following the example of high quality natural drying

Your Requirements

You are considering using thermal radiation to optimize your drying systems and the quality of your products. The application of infrared radiation can be of help to you in this regard.

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MES thermsol® com IR - Infrared Cartridges, Modular Infrared Drying System

MES thermsol® Product and Service Range

MES thermsol® provides customized infrared solutions to your problems.

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MES thermsol® Products – Innovative Technical Concepts for the Optimum, Economical Solution for Your Thermal Processes

More than 50% of all manufacturing processes involve thermal processes

Our company guidelines reflect our commitment to provide our customers with optimum solutions for meeting their requirements, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of services in response to these thermal process requirements. The MES thermsol® brand name represents the range of products and services which reflect the variety and diversity of thermal applications.

MES thermsol® com IR 500-1300 Infrared Cartridge

MES thermsol® com IR 500-1300 Infrared Cartridge

MES thermsol® com IR 500-1300 Infrared Cartridge - fixing and elevating mechanism

MES thermsol® com IR 500-1300 Infrared Cartridge - fixing and elevating mechanism

MES thermsol® com IR Infrared cartridge - fixing and elevating mechanism (detail)

MES thermsol® com IR Infrared cartridge - fixing and elevating mechanism (detail)

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MES thermsol® ... more than heating systems

The “MES thermsol® ... more than heating systems” brand name stands for a wide range of products that form the basis for the highly flexible development of fully integrated, innovative concepts. We develop the optimum, economical solution for meeting the thermal process requirements by tapping into a pool of complementary expertise:

We deliver appropriate equipment for new production systems across all industrial sectors just as we provide customized additions to existing production lines or optimization measures of existing drying capacities including modernization, restoration, or upgrade services, or accessory equipment, etc.

Thermal processes: your problem is our task

Heating or drying system requirements are determined in most cases by the products and materials to be heated or the substrates to be dried in combination with the corresponding base materials (print or coating substrates).

We will work out problems and find appropriate solutions together with you. The selection of the most appropriate technology to handle the thermal task is at the heart of the solution.

Our comprehensive consultation and delivery services comprise:

  • Variable material transport, i.e. transportation technology appropriate for the material using guide rollers, cooling rollers, conveyor belts, etc.
  • Possibly required drive technology components and additional units
  • Design and connection with existing machine controllers and visualization programs
  • Systems for the energy supply, exhaust, circulating air, exhaust air purification, LEL gas warning systems, etc.
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Everything to be dried has to be supplied or applied; and everything which is to be continuously dried is subject to further material flow processes in addition to thermal processes.

We offer a separate product range of machines and finishing components under the “MES systems® ... more than drying systems” brand name, which can be effectively combined with MES thermsol® products.

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